Thriving In Times of Uncertainty

Here at The Pacific Institute®, we have curated some of our most powerful programs and resources to help you, your team and even your family grow in this time of uncertainty. Each covers a different area of need, and we trust they will be a valuable resource to you and your organization!

Happy learning! ~The Pacific Institute® Team

THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE® FIVE.ZERO.VE.O is the latest in a long line of mindset empowering programs from The Pacific Institute®.

Building on five decades of scientifically-driven and internationally-proven high performance programs, TPHP5.VE.O provides the full spectrum of mindsetting tools that enhance individual, team and organizational success in a virtual engagement online format.

TP5.0.VE.O (Virtual Engagement Online) has 12 Units, that can be delivered over a number of sessions (Schedules are determined based on client need). 

MINDSETTING FOR WELL-BEING AND PERFORMANCE™.VE.O applies The Pacific Institute’s proven mindsetting curriculum to the well-being PERMA model*. Targeted at psychological and physical well-being, this program delivers the tools necessary to thrive and accelerate positive impact in all dimensions of wellness.

Knowing that all well-being first starts with a growth mindset – the foundational belief that we can continue to learn, change and grow – this powerful program provides participants with the skills to take charge of their futures.

The VE.O version (Virtual Engagement Online) is 7 Units delivered over a number of sessions (Schedules are determined based on client need). 

*PERMA (Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning & Accomplishments ) ~ Dr. Martin Seligman’s model for Well-being.

Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™

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