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THOUGHT PATTERNS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE® FIVE.ZERO is the latest in a long line of mindset empowering programs from The Pacific Institute®.

In today’s world of accelerating change and increasing demands, our ability to process and embrace change is more critical than ever. Often the pressures of change hold us back, fearing that we can’t change, or perhaps that the old way is better. The key is to think differently – to see change as an opportunity to grow – and believe that we can be the best that we can be, regardless of the changes and obstacles we face.

Building on five decades of scientifically-driven and internationally-proven high performance programs, TPHP5 provides the mindsetting tools that enhance individual, team and organizational success.

Traditionally, we think of talent, skills and knowledge – with a healthy dose of experience – all coming together to form the foundation of performance. While these are important, they don’t tell the entire story. There is a vital, third area that ties together experience, talent and knowledge and raises performance to its highest level – mindset.

As transformational leaders, we have the ability to influence the mindset of others, either positively or negatively. We impact their performance not only by what we say, but how we say it. The focus of Leadership Mindset™ is to help us understand the role we play in shaping performance, by creating a healthy mindset in our direct reports.

In the same way that a blueprint provides information for designing your home, the Cultural BluePrint™ provides you with information for designing your culture. The report provides a visual representation of your current culture – the shared beliefs and values within your organization – as well as an explanation of how those beliefs impact performance.

The Pacific Institute ® has designed Vision Achievement and Organisation Alignment (VA&OA) as a strategic process that empowers leader teams to create a strategy, communicate a strategy and properly place accountability at the individual (Me), team (We) and organisational level (Us).

But in order for this to be possible, the leadership needs to test the quality and clarity of their Vision and Purpose, in the context of their strategy. Without vision, the strategy is benign, and without purpose, the vision is aimless. VA&OA is a structured process that brings alignment of the team by comprehensively addressing four critical ingredients to aligning the individuals and teams and the whole organisation.

Mindsetting Strategies For Leaders™ is a powerful leadership development process. With the busyness of today’s complex workplace, leaders are expected to do more with less, navigate the high rate of change, develop the next generation of leaders, all while connecting and aligning their teams to the organizational vision. It’s no surprise that companies are looking to provide their leaders with the tools and techniques needed to handle these expectations and demands.

The Pacific Institute’s six-phase process provides the techniques and strategies needed for leaders to harness the collective power of their team’s mindset, creating the strategy that connects everyone to their “why.” Leaders walk away from this program with the tools to accelerate the impact they have on those around them. 

Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™ is a one-day mindsetting program, targeted at psychological and physical well-being tools to thrive and accelerate positive impact in all dimensions of wellness. Knowing that all well-being first starts with a growth mindset – the foundational belief that we can continue to learn, change and grow – this powerful program provides participants with the skills to take charge of their futures.

Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™ applies The Pacific Institute’s proven mindsetting curriculum to the well-being PERMA model* to drive results, enhance engagement and overcome areas where participants may be “stuck.”

PX2 is an engaging programme for Teenagers and young professionals that teaches the thinking skills and disciplines that build their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, enabling them to achieve far more of their potential.

The objective of Investment in Excellence, which is the flagship of the process of The Pacific Institute, is to get people to embrace more fully the existing drive for excellence with the view to seeking further enhancements.

How do you teach complex, adult concepts like scotomas, the human thought process, self-image and comfort zones to children, ages five to eleven?  Why, through cartoons, of course! 

The Pacific Institute is proud to announce PX2 Kids!® Its first fully-animated effective thinking skills program, created for children ages 5 to 11. Kids join Louie, Carla, Mike and their friends as they discover how they think and why they think the way they do.

Gimmicks, gadgets and contests are fun, but ineffective when it comes to actually affecting sustainable sales results. Combining proven cognitive concepts and principles, with neuroscientific research, and expertly applied, practical sales tools, The Selling Mindset™ provides the shift in thinking that gives your sales team the boost it needs to move into the realm of sales excellence.

The Pacific Institute is a global leader and pioneer in the application of belief-based approaches to measurable and sustainable improvements in organisational safety performance and the establishment of high performance safety cultures that also impact on employee engagement, productivity and bottom-line.

The ideal state for a safety-oriented organisation is a situation where safety procedures are an automatic “want to” action, based on the belief that it is not only good for the individual employee but also for the co-workers and organisation as a whole. While having an overall score for safety is easy to track and compare, breaking down safety into meaningful components helps in the understanding and development of an action plan.

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